This video is an overview of the Marketing Department within Ingersoll Rand, a company with over 100 locations worldwide. The Marketing Department develops strategic marketing campaigns that leverage the capabilities of Ingersoll Rand with the needs of their customers, bringing those two things together to sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Ingersoll Rand provides great opportunities for advancement knowing that safety,efficiency and comfort are as important to it's employees as they are to it's customers.

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Video Transcript:
The new Ingersoll Rand is very exciting. Strategic marketing is leveraging your company's capabilities and defining customer needs and bringing those things together to grow the business and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. You have to focus on what's important to the customer, relating to that customers needs. I've been here five and a half years started in the residential side of the business. Went into a General Manager responsibility for the builder segment and then transferred over onto the commercial side. Safety, efficiency and comfort, those are areas that are very, very relevant to my customer base. I love finding new opportunity, I like developing strategy and executing that. Because of the breadth of the opportunities, the scope of the company across the globe. Ingersoll Rand is unique. To me that's very exciting.