Integrated Supply Chain

Ingersoll Rand is an international supplier to transportation, manufacturing, construction, and agricultural industries. In this short career video, you will learn about the exciting work and job opportunities available in global sourcing and supply chain initiatives.

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Video Transcript:
Ingersoll Rand has been a great opportunity for me from the perspective that I've been able to work in a smaller business within a larger organization. I'm responsible for the supply chain for Club Car. It's a little bit like a chess game. There's a lot moves that you have to manage and you have to think in advance. Today's issue usually can be resolved 3 or 4 days earlier if you're watching the trends and looking to see what's happening and that's exciting! I've been at the business of club car for 10 years and there's a reason for that; there's great people. Whether you're in the supply chain or whether you're in marketing, or whether you're in the plant. We all make a difference to the customer even if we don't directly touch the customer. It's an exciting time to be in supply chain because it's so global, it's so integrated, there's lots of opportunities for us and it really drives the future of the business.