Integrated Supply Chain Operations

This video highlights what it's like to work in one of Ingersoll Rand's 100+ manufacturing plants all across the globe. Safety and quality are the biggest components of Ingersoll Rands manufacturing process as they strive to make parts and products as cost effective as possible. Ingersoll Rand plants make everything from rotary parts, doors and frames to sheet metal products, if you name it, they do it. While working in an Ingersoll Rand plant you're given the opportunity to grow towards operational excellence through IR's continual support and investment in your personal and professional development.

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Video Transcript:
I feel extremely empowered in this plant. I've been with Ingersoll Rand about seven and a half years. I'm responsible for the entire rotary value stream for the safety calls, quality, delivery and cash for those areas. Operational excellence – it's all a matter of are we making parts, making products as cost effective as possible and that's really what we're looking at in lean six sigma. You can really get a lot of experience within Ingersoll Rand. I've worked in plants where we've made rotary parts, doors and frames, I've managed sheet metals. You name it we do it. We have good sustainability programs. We want to service customer's years after they buy products. We are extremely dedicated to the safety of our employees. That is absolutely priority one. We have people out in our workforce that want to see this company succeed, want to do a good job, want to make a quality product. Ingersoll Rand will give you the opportunities to grow.