This video is an overview of what it's like to work as an engineer for Ingersoll Rand. Engineers at Ingersoll Rand strive to make products that make a difference and they do this by creating next generation solutions to the challenges they face and by developing technology based on the needs of their customers. Ingersoll Rand provides great health and wealth benefits, and an environment that supports and empowers it's employees, knowing that by investing in them, Ingersoll Rand is investing in progress.

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Video Transcript:
I wanted to be in a company where I would make products that actually make a difference. I am in charge of the process and project for managing the next generation of solutions of products. Ingersoll Rand provides you new challenges every day. You're given a lot of responsibility, a lot of empowerment. We try to develop our technology based on the needs of the customer. I'm heavily involved in understanding what the voice of the customer is and how that translates into How do we improve the process, how can we do things in parallel, what are the steps of waste we need to go through? You have the opportunity to move around, get new experiences, its wide open for you, they encourage that. It's a rewarding place to work the way they take care of you as a person, developing you. The health and wealth benefits. It's a very well rounded company.