Ingersoll Rand, one of the world's most innovative industrial companies, provides a safe, comfortable and efficient environment for their employees and customers, manufacturing products for security technologies, industrial technologies, climate solumaddash201`tions and residential solutions. Employees know that progress starts with them.

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Progress begins with me. We've got some very strategic brands. Each one of the brands is a leader in the market. I definitely enjoy working on a project I know has a greater purpose. No matter how big your dream is, this place has a place for you. The new Ingersoll Rand is dedicated to a vision of creating safe, comfortable and efficient environments for our customers. And that's broken down into four business sectors of security technologies, industrial technologies, climate solutions and residential solutions. We have Trane, Thermoking, Schlage and Club Car and our Ingersoll rand brand that's used in our air compressor and our tools businesses. We are represented across the world with over 100 manufacturing locations in the European continent, in Asia and Latin America and India. I've had the personal experience of working on assignment in Asia Pacific, in China. There certainly is a team environment at Ingersoll Rand. It takes a diverse group of employees, in order to create a solution and to implement a solution. That team collaboration I think is imperative to the success of our company because it's not just one idea that carries us forward as a company, it's a collaboration of ideas. We consistently live the values of Ingersoll Rand of integrity, respect, teamwork, innovation and courage. You can absolutely see that in the quality of the employees they hire, just in the way they handle business as well as the way they treat employees. This company treasures every employee it has and is very willing to invest in its people. Through the competitive medical benefits that we offer, our employees can focus on their personal heath. They can be more productive as individuals as well as employees. Engaged employees are empowered employees. You have opportunities to grow, to get promoted. If you have that desire to go up higher within the organization, then that opportunity will be there. I have the opportunity to be sent to the US and to learn about new business and coming back to china to make more contributions to this company. We have Ingersoll Rand University which has multiple levels of training, depending on the development of the individual. We are starting to launch employee resource groups, a grass-roots group of people with similar interests that want to create a group and come together, and so by bringing those interests forward, that's what's really gonna help us to move forward. Progress begins with me. I believe everyone can make a difference with this company. I absolutely love working for the company, I think it's a fantastic environment. Progress begins with me. Progress begins with me. Progress begins with you!