Accelerated Development Program

This video highlights what it's like to work as an engineer in the ADP, or Advanced Development Program, within Ingersoll Rand. The ADP offers two one-year rotations within the engineering department, giving employees the opportunity to discover which area of engineering they would like to work in within Ingersoll Rand. The Advanced Development Program also offers a great team-oriented environment that provides great networking and exposure for engineers as they grow within Ingersoll Rand.

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Video Transcript:
It steepens your learning curve is what I've found. I'm a mechanical engineer in the Accelerated Development Program. I graduated from Virginia Tech but I wasn't quite sure which path I wanted to follow within engineering. For the engineering program specifically you do two, one year rotations within different business sectors, so right now I'm in the climate solutions business sector, working to redesign our fuel filtering system. So it's been quite a challenge trying to actually manage myself as well as the probably six or seven other folks who are on the team. Everybody has been extremely helpful; my boss has been a great mentor. The networking and the exposure is really key. It's a great opportunity to really discover which area you want to work in and accelerate to develop as an employee. It's just a fantastic company.