GENCO, headquartered in Pittsburgh and with operations across the U.S., Canada and Mexico, is a third party logistics company. For candidates, GENCO offers unlimited potential in every person who works here. GENCO's enviable market leadership is the result of execution, innovation, sustainability, continuous improvement and cradle-to-grave product lifestyle logistics. While 90% of GENCO's workforce is hourly, mid-level management positions are the greatest recruitment challenge and the focus of this video.

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Video Transcript:
A lot of the products that we handle are in your homes and in your offices. It's like my second family. I enjoy coming to work every day. GENCO is a third party logistics company. We provide warehousing services, whether it's forward, reverse, transportation, repair and refurb in our technology department. GENCO was founded in 1898 by the Shear family. Today it's third generation owned company. We're focused on innovation. We have a very defined mission that hasn't changed in decades, to be the partner of choice, to be the employer of choice, and third we need to be the investment of choice. How do we touch your lives? We're touching everything from retail to manufacturing to mobility devices. We're part of getting those goods to market. It really is a team atmosphere because when you implement a large customer, it can be forward, it's reverse, it's test and repair, it's everything. So you really do have to work together towards a common goal. GENCO today has over 10,000 teammates. We're focused on four different verticals. We have over 130 operations across the U.S., Canada, Mexico. GENCO always teaches about, it's a very diverse place. GENCO is a family oriented workplace. I will tell you, come, you will succeed, you will see yourself become a better person. You will see yourself be a leader. It is challenging in a good way, in a way that you would want to be challenged. Continuous Improvement is extremely important at GENCO. You need to make adjustments to make sure that we can provide the customer the best possible value. Safety is paramount to what we do. You have to be able to see something, to want to make it better. They want you to be entrepreneurs. I think it's really a career-rich environment. Really the ability to move up here is based on your skills and what you bring to the party. We're continuing to grow from entry level jobs to first line supervision, from first line supervision to departmental supervision and onward and upward. I just started as a business analyst and I was promoted to senior probably about two years ago. Once I completed the classes, then I became a supervisor. I love the work I do. It's definitely rewarding. I take home a sense of accomplishment. GENCO is the best place you can be. You will feel like you want to come to work every day. The sky's the limit at GENCO.