Careers at FM Global

FM Global believes that the majority of all loss is preventable, and takes an engineering-based approach to underwriting, loss prevention and risk management solutions for comprehensive, global, commercial and industrial property insurance. Backed by nearly two centuries of experience and a commitment to sustainability, FM Global has a reach around the world and a wide variety of opportunities available to grow your career in the areas of engineering, information services, research, accounting, underwriting and claims. Watch this video to learn more about FM Global's "uncommon approach" to insurance.

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Video Transcript:
If you told me when I was studying chemical engineering in college that I'd work for an insurance company, I would think you're crazy. FM Global is not your typical insurance company. We believe we can change the equation. You can do all sorts of things in research, developing products that could help our clients and mitigate loss.

Insurance alone is never enough, you have to stay in business. So we'll send our engineers to our clients facilities, help them understand what their exposures are, what their risks are and then how they can address that so they don't have to have the bad things happen in their facilities. We have our saying of the majority of all losses are preventable. And we really believe that and we have a whole host of people who work every day with clients to help them prevent losses in their facilities. We have a state of the art, one of a kind, 125 million dollar research campus dedicated solely to the pursuit of excellence in loss prevention technology. FM Global research, has traditionally been very well respected in the scientific community and it was just very appealing to me to come to work at place that had very high caliber, intelligent researchers. I've been able to pursue knowledge for the sake of knowledge, but also apply the knowledge that I've learned in a very practical way that can help our clients reduce their risk. We engineer the risk and prevent the loss.

We've been a company for almost two full centuries. The majority of people I work with have well over 20 years experience. FM Global really cares about their employees, they care about the work/life balance. There's definitely a thirst for knowledge in this company from field engineering to account engineering, to management, to underwriting. The job you start with at this company isn't necessarily the job you're going to end with. Engineering in other companies will be more like, just do the design, do the mathematics, engineering in FM Global is totally different. FM Global provides you a very good training program and the knowledge that you will learn in FM Global is totally different than any elsewhere you can found in the world. FM Global encourages to learn, to develop yourself, and they really treasure you.

FM Global is definitely a place that you want to work because you can grow your career here. One day I actually went home and I called all my friends and I told them that I felt like I was a computer rock star. Because I felt so confident in what I was doing and I felt like I had learned so much over the past couple of weeks that it really was a stepping stone to the rest of my career.

FM Global has a very passionate workforce. Our employees are highly engaged in who we are and what we're trying to accomplish. FM Global is a great career opportunity right now and well into the future. It's a steady growth business, it's got meaning, it's got a purpose and it's a great place to develop your career.