Personal Banker

First Community Bancshares is hiring and offers this job and career recruitment video for a glimpse as to what its like to work as a teller or personal banker. Hear from an employee who takes pride in being the face of First Community Bancshares as the first person customers deals with. As a teller you help open and service customer accounts and enjoy the benefits of a variety of shift options and potential career growth.

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Video Transcript:
You can come here with a PBI and within your first year be up to a Branch Manager as long as you have the drive. Hello my name is Colter Smith, I work for First Convenience Bank and I’m a Personal Banker III. I was a chef before. I enjoy cooking. I enjoy the passion. Decided to go into something a little bit different. We kind of do it all. Working the tellering aspect of it. Being able to come over into a sales type based banking industry, it’s been great. I started out with a PB-I. I’ve worked up to a Personal Banker III, I’m a senior teller commercial vault, I have to make sure my tellers do have the right amount of money, I go through and check everything. If you’re not really running a whole lot of transactions, that’s your chance to capitalize on it, go out and talk to people, not only just selling but just be like, we’re here seven days a week for you. It’s easy to go ahead and move up as long as you can put your mind to doing something, learn everything you need to. They teach you everything that you need to know in a good, fun experience way. I have the same aspect on customer service as the company. Put a smile on someone’s face makes you go home with a smile on your face. I do our boards, the boards that we draw on let people know what we have to offer. I feel like I’m family here. You have the strong people behind you, not only here around you, the people back in Texas. I definitely want to be able to go up to branch manager. It’s a great company to work for. A good, good opportunity for me and I mean the sky’s the limit, I couldn’t be happier at the position I’m at.