First Community Bancshares has plenty of opportunities for those seeking a career in banking. This job and career recruitment video shows you how with little or no prior banking experience you can come in and move up with the support of the bank. From teller to branch manager, district manager and beyond you will receive on the job experience and classroom training. First Community Bancshares takes pride in the development and personal growth of its work force. The company also offers a variety of shift options to fit your lifestyle.

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Video Transcript:
First Community Bancshares has always been Texas proud, but now with the opportunity to expand into Arizona and New Mexico we’ve hit the floor running. Hi my name is Susy Grunsten and I’m a District Manager for First Community Bancshares. I am actually not only in charge of six banking centers in Texas but also one in New Mexico. Opportunities are absolutely limitless right now and the service, the fun atmosphere that we provide to our customers is keeping us growing. I came to First Community Bancshares with no banking experience. I began entry level, Personal Banker I, was promoted to an Assistant Manager. Then Branch Manager. Within four years I became a District Manager. The training that I received was phenomenal. The piece that makes us so successful is the customer service training. The district managers are in their banking centers greeting customers, getting to know new employees, dealing with the daily ins and outs of the business. Considering that we are expanding and growing when most companies are shrinking and dying, I can only say that we are part of a very exciting time. If you want the opportunity for a career where you are going to grow not only professionally, but personally as an individual, you have to come work for us.