District Manager

Hear from Rochelle a District Manager at First Community Bancshares.

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Video Transcript:
What I do is I develop people. I’m very passionate about that. Hi my name is Rochelle Daniels and I am a District Manager with First Convenience Bank. I came up in the traditional banking system. I was hired at First Convenience in 2004 as a Branch Manager. I thought this was a little unique because we were inside of a retail establishment. We have a lot of fun. The store is our lobby and we can go out there and meet new people. It gives us an opportunity to help expand our business. I worked in the branches approximately a year and a half to two years and then I was promoted to a District Manager. We really believe in home growing our talent and giving back to the employees who are loyal and dedicated to us. My office has four wheels. Generally I’ll try to visit two to three branches a day. Support them with whatever they have going on. hake hands and kiss babies in the line for the customers. We do have fun. We have employee cheers, bank cheers, region cheers, sales huddles. If you’re very passionate and you have the knowledge and the skills and the desire to move forward, the company will give you everything else you need to help reach your career goals. We focus on giving people opportunity and giving people chances to be successful. The opportunities are endless here.