First Community Bancshares is hiring and offers this job and career recruitment video for you to find out more about the company. We value you friendly people who want to listen and help customers. Hear from people who started as tellers and quickly moved up to branch manager and beyond. Whether you are looking for part-time or full-time First Community Bancshares has a place for you with shifts available seven days a week.

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Video Transcript:
I am a proud banker. I am a loyal member of my team. I act with honesty and integrity. I strive for excellence. I am here to serve our customers. I make a difference. Every day. Every way. Every time. How you doing today sir? We take individuals who have potential and we develop outstanding banking specialists. First Community Bancshares is a people bank. We are a retail bank that really focuses on our customer and our employee. When you come in you’re not just a number, you’re a person, we know you personally. I love being here. I go to work with a smile on my face all the time. Working for First Convenience Bank has been the greatest opportunity of my life. First Community Bancshares was founded in 1901 in Kileen, Texas and is the umbrella under which First National Bank Texas, First Convenience Bank, Fort Hood National Bank, First Community Mortgage and First Community Services is housed. We’ve expanded into the New Mexico and Arizona, things are really going and going at a fast pace, that’s why it’s real important for us to develop our people here. The secret to our expansion is just the level of service that our people provide. There are seven branches on Fort Hood. A lot of our customer clientele are the soldiers. We are really there for them. Challenging part, trying to make everyone happy. You’re dealing with their lives, you know you’re dealing with their money. I will do, the employees will do whatever it takes, we never want a customer to leave upset. We have a great learning and development organization that teaches our personal bankers how to become better personal bankers. The training doesn’t stop once you get your drawer. I have had the opportunity to train with leadership and developing my management as well. I was given the opportunity to go to school. They worked around my schedule to where I was able to finish my associates degree and continue to move up with the company. First Convenience Bank, we’re a family. I have the strong support of my people around me. They’re my peers. I see them as my brothers and sisters. It’s busy, you get to learn all the different aspects of the business. You get all different type of customers. It’s a team. We work hard and we play hard. Every branch as a different kind of cheer. Our grand openings are exciting. We are basically welcoming the community to our bank. There’s opportunity. I’ve moved three times in the last five years so right now looking forward to all the expansion. I love my job, I love this company. I feel we’re going to go very far. The opportunities that I’ve been given have been phenomenal. Sky’s the limit.