As the world’s leading provider of credit scoring and other analytic technologies, workers at FICO give businesses worldwide the power to make more targeted and successful decisions based on sharper forecasts of customer behavior, needs and risk. This video highlights the culture of innovation across all professional levels. FICO employees collaborate on market research and new projects in order to best serve its premier client base. Employees enjoy learning from one another as diverse backgrounds ranging from psychology to statistics are brought together. FICO prides itself on employing the best of the best; people with experience, credibility, and an ability to work with both colleagues and clients.

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Video Transcript:
We help businesses solve their hardest problems through analytics. It’s really the story of applying our insight and our ability to predict consumer behavior and taking that to specific industries where they have a major impact on the profitability of our customer. Analytics is an idea whose time has come. FICO is right in the middle of that opportunity. The quality of people, the kind of talent that we attract here is one of the main reasons I love to work at FICO. Are they really moving their balances again from credit cards to mortgages to something else or are they really paying down their balances. You have people from psychology operations, research, math and statistics background. So it’s a very collaborative environment which helps bring out the best in you. It’s very important that we continue to innovate because that’s what we’re known for. Being able to solve those difficult problems and be ahead of the curve, cutting edge analytics. What I do in research is actually get those new inventions out to market. That probably explains why actually the rotation is happening around the masses. If you can create the next product for that industry I personally get a charge out of that. We have a lot of training that's provided on an ongoing basis, that helps us develop both our technical capabilities and our business skills which is very important to provide value to our clients. We even have some informal programs on mentoring. I have somebody who I meet with on a monthly basis and we share information. We really do take it seriously to reward the high performers. The best part is having been part of something big. Knowing that I’ve personally contributed to transforming the analytic business or working with a client in a high visibility project. You're not just solving a theoretical problem for the sake of solving it but for the sake of providing value to our clients. It provides you insights into how some of the best brands in the country are making their strategic decision and being able to play a part in that is very fulfilling. If you're interested in solving real world problems then this is the place for you. You will get exposure to a broad range of cultures, a broad range of technology and a broad range of market problems. It's a great environment to work in. The people are extremely passionate and it's not like anything else. I don't consider this a job, I consider this a career. And it's a great place to work. Even after ten years, you know I'm learning something new every day.