Cummins designs, manufactures, sells and services engines ranging from 50 to 2,000 horsepower, along with Onan generators for industrial and commercial mobile applications. Cummins is a respected leader in engine technology and it provides great career opportunity across the united states for top notch mechanics, engineers and technicians.

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Video Transcript:
Cummins is a leader in the industry right now. It’s a very essential business, this is part of the global economy. Anytime I see a Cummins engine I’m filled with pride. Cummins is in a lot of places. It’s a good quality engine. It’s the generators that help the hospitals, it’s the oil and gas industry that we support with big engines, it’s mining applications, it’s recreational boats, snow and plow trucks, it’s huge. We have a network of 600 distributor locations as far as support. 5,000 dealer locations and they have that same support. It’s a worldwide company. Cummins actually touches a lot of lives. Everybody thinks of Cummins as quality. Going out as a Cummins rep, I’ve always felt that the reputation has helped me a lot. The innovation and the technology that’s been created with the emissions part of it. We’re the first ones, first in the market. The control systems, the platforms that the engineers keep designing, for a field service technician to go and work on this type product, it’s very exciting. Well we do have some new things coming out for alternative fuels and ISLG engines. When I go out there I feel like I’m selling the honesty of Cummins, the quality of Cummins, the support of Cummins because Cummins is there to support their customers. Customer service is everything. Every single call I have to set up as a priority, be it a hospital or somebody’s house. It is a lot of fun. You never know what you’re going to work on, where you’re going to go. Cummins field service, this is Charles. We go to some really cool sites and the whole site shuts down, the Cummins guy is here, the Cummins guy is here. It just makes your job very interesting to know that you’re needed and you’re wanted. The great part about Cummins is, it is very much a family oriented company. If each of you could put one of those on, please. They really take care of and appreciate their employees. Their number one priority is safety. There is a lot of training that’s involved. It’s important and it’s real and the expectation is there is that we’ll be safe. The teamwork with Cummins is very, very high. The opportunities are endless. There is definitely opportunity for growth. And because of the diversity of it, we’ve got an engine business, a generator business, there is some lateral growth as well. It is growing globally, so there definitely are opportunities out there to be able to move. What is different about Cummins is that they stand by their product, they stand by their employees, they stand by their values. I feel great pride working for this company. There’s a lot of talent at Cummins, there’s a lot of longevity with employees which says a lot about a company. I would recommend Cummins to anybody. It’s an amazing company.