Citrix Online

Citrix Online is a fast-growing division of Citrix Systems, Inc., based in Santa Barbara, CA, with locations around the world. Every month, customers start using Citrix Online's services to work from anywhere with anyone. A small business owner is able to work from home thanks to GoToMyPC, a project manager collaborates with remote co-workers using GoToMeeting, a trainer cancels her flights and conducts live online training with GoToTraining, a marketer generates a list of eager buyers by inviting prospects to an online Webinar and a support agent fixes a customer's PC remotely on the first call using GoToAssist.

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Video Transcript:
We are coming up with a lot of revolutionary concepts, things that customers haven't thought of before. We create an environment for ourselves to have fun that fosters creativity. Citrix Online is its own best case study. We use our products in everything that we do.

Citrix Online is one of the leading global software as a service providers in the world. We're best known by the set of brands that we have built on a global basis. Work with anyone from anywhere is the essence of all of our products. We have amazing technology. We have the ability for people to come and work at some of the most interesting and exciting technology opportunities anywhere in the world. What's kept me at Citrix Online is the passion that the leadership team and the employees have for the business. The culture that Citrix Online breeds here is to be yourself, to work hard, and to really take this company to the next level. We have different cultures, we have different backgrounds, and all of that diversity really allows us to have a rich group of people that can bring their own unique quality to the things we do every day. Our people work so hard, they need time to kind of rejuvenate themselves. We work so hard, now we have to play hard, we get that energy to go the extra mile.

We have a work environment that is oriented towards work life balance. We have a dog friendly workplace. We have a state of the art gym. We have a bocce ball court. We have a basketball court. We also have healthy snacks, fresh fruit daily, cappuccino, lattes and pretty much everything to keep us working hard but feeling good at the same time. Pizza, good. We're looking for people who understand that having fun at work is as important as having fun at home. We encourage our employees to get involved with local communities. Employees have a voice to really say what types of charities and participations we would like to have. A team who are connected to their communities will be connected to themselves, to their work, to their families. Every employee I believe is committed to supporting ways that we can reduce our impact on the environment. Our business is helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint. The idea that you don't have to travel anymore will certainly cut down on travel costs, traffic, time and effort associated with that.

It's very cool to know that you are working for a company that builds fantastic products that are well known in the market. The reaction is "oh, my god, I love your products" and I think that's a huge testament to all that we are doing so it's really satisfying. We've been growing so fast. It's just incredible. What matters most are people who are hungry to learn, eager to grow. Citrix Online has myriad opportunities available almost in every function in every geography of the world. I just love working here. I just never imagined it would be this rewarding of a career. If you're interested in working for a company that believes as strongly in the development and growth of its people as it does in the success of its customers, then Citrix Online is the place for you.

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