Chenega Corporation offers a rewarding experience that is ever-changing and full of opportunity. Military Veterans will find an easy transition into Chenega Corporation, utilizing many of the skills brought over from their military experience, including leadership, intelligence, strategy, development, information technology and logistics. These relevant skills will be further developed during your career at Chenega Corporation.

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Video Transcript:
I was contacted while I was still in the Air Force. I was working at the pentagon as an intelligence officer and I got a call from Chenega Corporation, asking if I would like to come help set up their research department with a customer and I said Yes! Depending on what your career field was in the military, we have several opportunities here that are very relevant and for example as an intelligence analyst, I worked in the research department at our main customer site and that was doing all-source intelligence work so it was a very easy transition for me. We invest in training, we invest in clearances so, it's a very easy place to transition from the military right into the company. As a veteran, there are many opportunities here. The skills that you obtain in the military are very relevant to the work that we do here and the customers that we support: strategy and development, IT, logistics, and any other number of skill sets from the military can grow here, and move into other career opportunities. You really have the ability to take charge of your own career here at Chenega Corporation. The experience we bring as a veteran to this company is very relevant, it's very real. Everyday you're supporting that customer in their mission, you can take a lot of pride in that.