Information Technology

Chenega Corporation provides premier government and commercial services in many areas of IT including Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Transport, Networking, and Enterprise Management. Often with high security clearance required, and IT professional with Chenega Corporation has the opportunity to work on exciting projects, in an innovative community where ideas are not only heard but encouraged. Watch this video to find out more about this team oriented environment.

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Video Transcript:
In this ever changing world of IT, it evolves so quickly and everything becomes obsolete within a year or two. Chenega is always on the cutting edge of IT. I'm the Director of Technical Operations with one of our customer accounts with a focus on enterprise management. That entails total budget ownership, service delivery. So I'm responsible for making sure that IT is delivered at a high quality for this customer to all of their analysts around the world. My day as Director of Technical Operations starts early in the morning. I have several virtual teams, 24 by 7. They are focused on making sure that the services that we provide are always available and always have the integrity that they're supposed to have for the customers. I also have a team that monitors the servers around the world as it pertains to that customer base. Not only do they monitor it, they remotely log in and fix issues before the customer even understands what the problem is or how they can be impacted. Then I have a group of engineers who are responsible for understanding and creating new solutions, new technology, introducing new technology that betters our servers, whether it's cyber security, cloud computing, transport or networking or whether it's enterprise management. Chenega Corporation is a forward leaning organization so it's just not a matter of what we're doing now we're always thinking about what's next and what's after next.