Stored Value Solutions - Rick

Ceridian Stored Value Solutions (SVS) offers prepaid and stored value solutions that effectively drive consumer behavior to the world's leading merchants. With products including prepaid debit cards, promotional cards and a robust loyalty platform, SVS is an industry pioneer, providing leading innovations to the gift card industry. In this video, meet Rick, Senior VP of Marketing and Product Development, who provides an insider's look at just how important SVS is to the marketplace, and why selling SVS products can be fun and compelling.

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Video Transcript:
It's really fun to sell SVS because we have such a great reputation within the industry. This is the company that basically founded and started gift cards which gives us a ton of credibility when we're out selling ourselves in the marketplace. Having those assets at your disposal to go out and sell is really fun and compelling. When an associate begins their career with SVS what they can expect is to really have a wealth of resources at their disposal on day one. Everybody within the organization is a part of sales so they're going to get onboarded by product, technical teams, sales management teams to help make them successful for hopefully a long and tenured career. You can come in and have unlimited earning potential based on your ability to contribute to our organization. I think everybody can resonate with gift cards at a consumer level because every year they're the most requested, the most popular and desired gift from consumers. So it's incredibly fun to work on a product that is that creative and that tangible. That is really exciting.