Stored Value Solutions - Matt

Ceridian Stored Value Solutions (SVS) offers prepaid and stored value solutions that effectively drive consumer behavior to the world's leading merchants. With products including prepaid debit cards, promotional cards and a robust loyalty platform, SVS is an industry pioneer, providing leading innovations to the gift card industry. In this video, meet Matt, Senior Vice President of Global Services. With responsibilities in manufacturing, implementation and fulfillment, Matt has truly grown his career with SVS. Learn how you too can make a difference in this growing company.

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Video Transcript:
I started as a project manager at a small little startup and Ceridian bought it in 1996, we grew leaps and bounds and I got to grow right along with it. My team is responsible for all the global card manufacturing, all the implementation of new customers and then fulfillment. In the implementation group we have pure project managers that lead new clients onto our systems. We have creative design positions that work with the marketing teams of all of our retailers and they get the artwork and all of the concepts that they have in place. And then we have fulfillment analysts, and they're responsible for making sure that all the cards are automatically replenished when inventories get low. It's not just a line, Stored Value Solutions really is a great place to be. There's certainly that family type environment that people are looking for here and you know we're large enough where we have the scale where we can work with these top retailers of the world but small enough where people can really make a difference and I think that's what attracts people here.