Stored Value Solutions - Jason

Ceridian Stored Value Solutions (SVS) offers prepaid and stored value solutions that effectively drive consumer behavior to the world's leading merchants. With products including prepaid debit cards, promotional cards and a robust loyalty platform, SVS is an industry pioneer, providing leading innovations to the gift card industry. Hear from Jason, who plays a key role in software development at SVS. With mobile technology in the works, Jason tells us how SVS continues to be leading edge.

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Video Transcript:
I run software development for Stored Value Solutions and really what that means is we're really a product development team. We build the solutions that run our company. The types of opportunities available are software developers, software engineers, we have architects and our architects here aren't just people who design the technology or go out and find the technology. They're people who design products from end to end with the business, with the technology teams, with clients. I've been in an environment with 9,000 IT professionals. I've been in environments with multiple entities, and I've never experienced the type of talent we have here at Stored Value Solutions. A lot of people see payments going to mobile technology. Paying with your smart phone, on your tablet. We at SVS are seeing that industry change and we're moving with it. As an IT professional it's just something you get excited about because it's the cutting edge, it's the thing that's going to shape how we do business for the rest of eternity. So it's just amazing to be a part of that.