Stored Value Solutions Overview

Ceridian Stored Value Solutions (SVS) offers prepaid and stored value solutions that effectively drive consumer behavior to the world's leading merchants. With products including prepaid debit cards, promotional cards and a robust loyalty platform, SVS is an industry pioneer, providing leading innovations to the gift card industry. In this video, hear from some of the leadership of Stored Value Solutions about what great job opportunities await at SVS.

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Video Transcript:
SVS is a company that created the gift card industry. Gift cards are often synonymously referred to as stored value and it's no coincidence that's the case given our name is Stored Value Solutions. Our mission really is to be a leader in providing solutions to some of the largest companies in the world, in the realm of prepaid products and services. One of the greatest things about this company, is that the products and services that we provide are so relevant and so yearned for by our customers that it's a very good relationship, they really want to do business with us. Gift cards are something that has had exponential growth which continues to have great opportunity both within the U.S. and abroad. It's in a great growth segment, that has a ton of assets and is really well positioned and is a culture that is fun, fast paced, collegial and collaborative and is a place that you can grow personally and professionally. We have so many opportunities at SVS and partly that's a function of just the tremendous growth and success that we've experienced. You would find traditional opportunities in some of the functional areas that you would see in any kind of company whether that be finance, marketing, IT, product, customer service and client development. People should be really excited about joining because SVS gift cards are fun. I didn't realize that gift cards were the most requested gift, the most desired gift, ultimately what we do is eradicate bad gift giving and I think there's no more nobler enterprise. For our future on the very near horizon we continue to expand. Things are happening on the mobile technology front which is migrating some of the business that we see with plastic cards, moving into the digital world as well, and mobile is a big part of that and represents a huge opportunity for us.