Ceridian - Koscina

Ceridian is a global product and services company delivering trusted results and transformative Human Capital Management technology. Ceridian offers HR and payroll services such as payroll processing, tax services, compliance and self-service tools. With a robust service delivery department across all Ceridian divisions, hear from Koscina who provides great insight into the importance of this role.

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Video Transcript:
Ceridian is an outsourcing company and we do benefits as well as payroll for other companies. In service delivery we have multiple departments, we have a department that handles wage garnishments, new hires, terminations, we have a department that handles any changes the client may send over. The one thing that all those departments have in common is the servicing of the client. We all want to make sure the client is happy with the service that we provide here at Ceridian. Sometimes when there's a crisis with a payroll processing is like finding a needle in a haystack but when you're actually able to find that problem and call the client, it just makes you feel wonderful about the work that you do here at Ceridian. Here in service delivery, we all work together as a team, to keep our clients happy. So if you're looking to grow your career, Ceridian is the place to be. I started out as a payroll processor and within a year I was already promoted to a supervisor. I feel like Ceridian is going to take over the market in the next coming years so you need to get here and get here fast.