Ceridian - Karen

Ceridian is a global product and services company delivering trusted results and transformative Human Capital Management technology. Ceridian offers a wide range of human resources, payroll, Dayforce Human Capital Management and benefits solutions. In this video, meet Karen, and learn about the great opportunities that the Global Marketing Department has to offer.

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Video Transcript:
The global marketing team at Ceridian is responsible for getting the message out to the market, to our customers and to our employees. So we take all of the great things about working for Ceridian, the things that we do for our customers, the products and services we provide and we put those in a great package to kind of dazzle the market with what we do. We have our data people, we have our creatives, we have our events coordinators, we're a great team with a variety of personalities, but we all come together and work together to make the best product and the best marketing materials that we can and the greatest thing about being on our marketing team is just that sense of camaraderie and the collaborative work environment that we have, that we're all here to pitch in. We are at a really exciting time right now. We have a great new products that are going to revolutionize the world of payroll and human capital management. It's our job to create the buzz in the market. We're trying to make sure that everybody knows that Ceridian is here, we're going to be a market leader, and we're a force to be reckoned with. There's never a dull moment, there's just really great opportunities for you to take a project and run with it, and expand your capabilities, and become part of a really successful department.