Ceridian - Jennifer

Ceridian is a global product and services company delivering trusted results and transformative Human Capital Management technology. Ceridian offers health and productivity solutions such as Employee Assistance Programs, work-life and health coaching. In this video, meet Jennifer, and learn more about the important and rewarding work being done in the Employee Assistance Counseling and Work-Life Services division of Ceridian.

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Video Transcript:
In health and productivity solutions we sell employee assistance counseling and work life services. To be available to receive a call from someone who is calling in needing help at that very moment in time has to be one of the most rewarding experiences that you can have in your career. It's quite different from face to face counseling because you have all of the visual cues when someone is sitting right there with you. When you're on the telephone you have to really be able to listen for what it is that's being said, and how it is that's being said. So you could have someone that calls in and says I need help with childcare. The next call may be somebody who's suicidal. And after that may be someone who is headed for divorce. You work with a variety of different folks calling in, with a variety of different issues. So it's never a stagnant process. Ceridian affords me the opportunity to explore and to share my passion day in and day out.