Dayforce - Eric

The Ceridian Dayforce Division develops the award-winning Dayforce Human Capital Management solution. Dayforce HCM is a single, SaaS application with one employee record, one user experience, and zero interfaces. In this video, meet Eric, Director of Product Development, who takes us through the responsibilities of a Product Manager in Dayforce to understand what the marketplace is looking for, and work with developers to change the landscape in a meaningful way.

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Video Transcript:
What we're doing is going to change the way HR professionals use the software tools that they have. A product manager within Dayforce is responsible for a set of features and we go out and talk to our customers, talk to prospects, work with our sales team to understand what the customers are looking for, what the market in general is looking for and to determine what direction we want to take the product. You're sitting next to the developer, working with them to make sure that what gets delivered matches our customer's expectations. Dayforce is moving at a really great pace. There's a huge opportunity to dominate the market. It is in my opinion the best HR platform in the industry and that's why customers are picking us and that's why employees want to work here.