Dayforce Overview

The Ceridian Dayforce Division develops the award-winning Dayforce Human Capital Management solution. Dayforce HCM is a single, SaaS application with one employee record, one user experience, and zero interfaces. In this video, hear from some of the Dayforce top management on how this fast growing, innovative company is engineering unique solutions in the HR space. May the Dayforce be with you.

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Video Transcript:
What Dayforce does better than any of our competitors is the full employee experience. It's one employee record, it's one user interface. We're hungry to innovate in the industry. We've brought something very unique, very special and the market has accepted it. We are the company to look out for, we're growing very, very quickly. We are the emerging leader in the industry. Dayforce is a human capital management software company, we help clients schedule, manage and pay their workforce. Typically the functions of HR, payroll were thought of as back office functions. The technology has evolved, that your human capital is now your most important aspect of a company's business. We are always trying to be a year in advance of how our users are thinking about how they're going to access the product. A real emphasis on mobile access, on leveraging devices. We view the technology as where everybody else kind of wishes they had their technology. You're not limited to the role that you have. You're really encouraged to go outside the box. Whether you want to try out marketing, sales, product development, coding, hardware, software, consulting, really have the opportunity to experience different teams within the organization and that's why I think it's unique. You're really able to explore your skill set here and apply it where it's best suited for your needs. Training is a very important part of our on-boarding process, so when someone joins the company they go through a very rigorous product training and that is followed by a shadow program for several months where someone is paired up with an individual who they can learn from, ask questions and feel much more comfortable in their first several months with the company. The environment here is a place where you'd want your friends to work with you. Everybody here understands what the goal is and how we're going to do it. It's a very friendly environment, a lot of fun. There's a lot of different activities to get involved in. We do work hard and we have fun while we're doing it. I really like coming to work every day, working with very smart people, we collaborate, we're innovative, we're in the halls, we're in offices, around the water cooler, over lunch we're constantly thinking of ways to improve the product and serve our customers more effectively. It's just fun working with a bunch of really, really smart people every day.