Comdata - Todd

Comdata is a leading business-to-business provider of innovative electronic payment solutions. As an issuer and a processor, the company enables more than $23 billion in fleet card, credit card, payroll card and virtual card transactions annually. Comdata captures and reports detailed transaction data, giving customers unprecedented control of their expenses. In this video, meet Todd, who tells us about the innovations in corporate payments taking place Comdata on a daily basis. With new technologies in a fast-paced environment, Comdata continues to accelerate, leading the industry and promising an exciting career.

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Video Transcript:
Corporate payments is a great place to be in at this point. Whether it is the method of payment, near field communication, mobile based technology. There's a lot of innovation that's taking place on the payment method in general. We have the capability to bring heavy understanding analysis of our customers with the ability to process millions of transactions a day. Comdata is about business velocity. We do agile methodology in a way that we can have group facilitated dialogs with business, technology, operations all in one room, focused to delivering a solution to a problem area and getting that out into the marketplace quickly. I was blown away when I relocated here six years ago, to understand how much technology innovation is happening here in Nashville. If you look at where the industry is going, Comdata is well positioned to really harness that information and deliver that in a meaningful way to a customer.