Comdata - Randy

Comdata is a leading business-to-business provider of innovative electronic payment solutions. As an issuer and a processor, the company enables more than $23 billion in fleet card, credit card, payroll card and virtual card transactions annually. Comdata captures and reports detailed transaction data, giving customers unprecedented control of their expenses. In this video, Randy gives us an insider's look at a career in sales at Comdata, and the advantages to providing the complete package of services to clients.

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Video Transcript:
We've always gone into the market being the leaders in the space that we serve. We have loyal customers that have been with us some 25 or 30 years and so it's just it's a great experience to go out and have that Comdata name on your business card. Comdata's unique in the respect that we pretty much do everything in house. So we sell our own solutions, we service our own customers, we process all of our own transactions. We're that whole supply chain. So when we sit down in front of a customer, we know we control that whole experience from end to end. Being a sales person at Comdata you have great customer support to go out and help you be successful. So our challenge is to teach you the market, teach you the products and services, teach you how to leverage the infrastructure here that allows you to go out and provide those value based solutions to your customer. Comdata's a place where you can go and invest your time and energy and Comdata will always pay back dividends. We have a great reputation, we have great products and solutions, if you give to us, Comdata will give it right back to you.