Comdata - Melinda

Comdata is a leading business-to-business provider of innovative electronic payment solutions. As an issuer and a processor, the company enables more than $23 billion in fleet card, credit card, payroll card and virtual card transactions annually. Comdata captures and reports detailed transaction data, giving customers unprecedented control of their expenses. In this video, hear from Melinda, and learn how a career in operations at Comdata is one that keeps you on your toes and involved with an account truly from end to end.

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Video Transcript:
Comdata is in the payments industry and so we're really responsible for providing payment vehicles for our customers. Whether that's a prepaid card, a credit card, something that rides on our proprietary network, basically innovative ways to make payments. The operations team is involved from right after the sale of the customer through the implementation. So as the customer comes on we'll be responsible for setting up the customer, generating those plastics or those vehicles for the customer actually to use our product. The daily support of the client or the end consumer. I really think the toughest job here in the company is anybody who's on the phone all day with the customers. I mean they've got to be on their toes they got to be ready to respond they've got to know as much as they can about why the customer's calling and work to resolve the issue that they're calling about so. If you're service oriented, accountable for your work, if your teamwork oriented, you're key to the success of this organization.