Ceridian Overview

Ceridian is a global product and services company delivering trusted results and transformative Human Capital Management technology. Ceridian offers a wide range of human resources, payroll, Dayforce Human Capital Management and benefits solutions. In this video, hear from Ceridian's top management and learn how Ceridian provides solutions in the human capital management space from recruitment to retirement and hear about the exciting challenges ahead. Now is the time to join!

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Video Transcript:
Ceridian provides end to end services for the human resources, human capital management space, anything from recruitment to retirement. So we help people acquire talent, manage talent, engage talent, and we help people compensate talent. We really believe in "Trusted Results and Transformative Technology." Our mission at Ceridian is to take care of our customers, to be their trusted partner, not a broker, not an advisor, but we partner with our customers to give them the very best people solutions and payment solutions. Ceridian is all about changing the world of work. And helping to maximize the value of people in the workforce. We have the services and the products that are going to help us help change the world. We have over 140,000 customers. We touch the lives of 25 million employees every day. There is no company in the market that has as many pieces of the puzzle that we have. We have a great history but what's new and different about Ceridian is how much more relevant we're becoming to our customers and the market place. We've been able to take all our subject matter knowledge, all of our compliance knowledge, all the resources we've built up for decades and redeploy them in the cloud environment, in the SaaS environment. This makes it a really exciting time to join Ceridian. Whether it's technology, whether it's sales, customer support, finance, marketing, we have an opportunity for you. We are a people forward company. We're extremely inclusive, we're extremely transparent, we give the opportunities to work with great people and be able to make a difference. Ceridian is a an incredible neighbor. We have a strong belief in Ceridian that we have an obligation to give back to the communities where we make a living, anything from Habitat for Humanity to Children's Wish Foundation to the United Way, it's an honor and pleasure to give back to the communities. We're really in the people business. I can't explain to you, the type of energy, passion, commitment that our people have for each other and for our customers. Right now is a tremendous opportunity to join the Ceridian team. Regardless of what you know, or what you think you know about the Ceridian brand, our best days are in front of us.