Client Services

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. is an international sales and marketing company that plans and administers cost-effective, differentiated property/casualty and human resource risk management programs as brokers, consultants and third-party administrators. With a growing Client Service initiative, Gallagher is making an investment in Client Service, focusing on a streamlined process that allows it's CSO reps to build meaningful relationships with their clients, rather than be bogged down by administrative tasks. This allows AJG to really take client service to the next level.

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Video Transcript:
At Gallagher, not only are we striving to be the best client service in the industry, we're striving to be the best client service in the world. What we're doing with CSO really is different because we are creating a service organization around service people. You can and you have a significant impact on your clients because when they call you and they say hey we have this issue, you gain satisfaction out of solving that problem for them. We've invested a lot of time and a lot of money in giving our customer service people the tools and technologies so they can do their jobs. And their jobs are not entering information into computer systems. Their jobs are talking to clients, assisting them with their needs. The tools that are available to you really free you up to service the client in a away and that you really want to. Having worked at other brokers and knowing how they have client service set up a lot of the time your days are tied to the process. And at Gallagher, you know, the technologies behind you to streamline the process as much as possible so that you get to do what you love to do which is service your account and at the same time continue to learn and develop your career. We take care of our own. We support each other. We're all cogs in a wheel. No one is any more important than anyone else around here. I can't do my job unless you're doing your job. It's great to have that kind of teamwork throughout the whole country let alone your own office and I think that's where you gain the momentum is seeing that it's not just you now, it's everyone else. When I started at Arthur J Gallagher, I came in as a client service rep. In a relatively short period of time, had the education resources and anytime I wanted to take a class or continuing ed, I've been able to do that. And I have since then developed my career and had the resources available to me to become a client service supervisor. We also have a focus on niche practice groups, so that if someone is very interested in schools for example or construction we can focus on the things needed to be able to service those industries. This is an exciting time for Gallagher because of the movement and the engagement of client service. It has been full of opportunities and I know that there's more, not just because of the acquisitions, it's actually because of the people. Success is really client relationship. I think that is one of the highest compliments you can obtain is the client relationship and their trust in your commitment. I am so excited that the company is spending time and money and resources, focusing on our customer service people. I've been in this business for almost four decades and now is the time to come to Gallagher. We are growing and there is really no better place to be if you're passionate about your life and you're curious about the world, we have the ability to bring you in and support you.