Warehouse - Spanish

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Video Transcript (English Version):
In the warehouse we have two different shifts - a day shift and a night shift. Night shift fills all the orders that the customer orders, and in the day shift we have the stocking, receiving, shipping for emergency orders. Right when we walk in we cut the cases and put them on the shelves and get them stocked back up for night shift, and fill the orders again for the customers. It is a very fast paced environment. Your feet should never stop moving, and should move with a purpose. On an average day I walk anywhere from 6 to 9 miles. We need to lift up 70 pounds per day, potentially all day long. If you work on the A-frames, a very high volume goes to there - about 70% of the workload, every single night goes through the A-frame. The system delegates all the orders, from the time it kicks out to and the order starts, to where it needs to go you’ll pick your order. You’ll push the tote off and it will go to the next location, so you’re not having to walk the entire warehouse for each order. Your RX scanner is how you’re going to do all that. You’ll scan your code, it will tell you exactly where to go, and you’ll go there, scan your product, and come back, scan your tote again, and throw it in your tote. The culture here is very teamwork based. We work till the work is done; you don’t just work your little area and go home. So you have to – if someone else is having a bad day – perk them up, cheer them up. The faster you work, the harder you work, the more money you can make. You’ll get it on every paycheck; you don’t have to wait till the end of the year for your opportunities to advance. You start off as an associate, you work, you lead, keep up the work with that and you can become a supervisor. I’ve seen supervisors become managers. In order to work here I feel like you have to be very dependable, show up every day and be accountable. You need to be very active, very motivated. There will be days where you work anywhere between 12-14 hours. It can be exhausting, it can be tiring, but the reward out of that is you could potentially save somebody else’s life. Anything is worth that. It gives me the incentive to try harder, get as may orders out as possible, and save as many lives as possible. We may not be on the frontlines, but we give those doctors the supplies they need to make patient’s lives better.