Reimbursement Counselor

I lead a team whose purpose is to help patients access and afford their life saving therapies. As a leader I work with purpose by ensuring that our associates have the tools and resources necessary to effectively perform their jobs here at Lash group. I work for Lash group, which is apart of AmerisourceBergen Company. It is a Fortune 16 global healthcare solutions leader. We help patients gain access, afford, and stay informed to their vital therapies. It’s a nontraditional call center; most of our time is spent contacting healthcare providers and payers, versus receiving inbound calls on a constant basis. I work with purpose on a day-to-day basis by retrieving accurate information to relay to the healthcare providers and patients. At the start of the day I run a report to figure out if my work assignment. If there is any additional information that I need, I would contact the healthcare provider to obtain that information. I would contact the payers to receive the medical and pharmaceutical benefit, and once I obtain that information I relay that information to the healthcare provider. We impact patient’s lives every day. The fact that I’m making it so much easier for our patients and our healthcare providers, is rewarding in itself. Our crews offer a lot of perks that include competitive pay, life insurance, paid time off, volunteer opportunities. I’m taking advantage of the tuition reimbursement. I just started attending a university where we receive tuition reimbursement as well as a tuition discount. So that’s one of the great benefits of working with Lash group. There are always opportunities for career growth and advancement in this company. I’ve seen coworkers advance within the company within a years span. That’s one of the great benefits of working with Lash Group.

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Video Transcript:
AmerisourceBergen is the company where we can most efficiently access and price pharmaceutical products to deliver them anywhere in the world for patients that are on critical need of the products that we deliver on a daily basis. It's a broad business. We serve all types of healthcare providers, that includes pharmacies, hospitals, and physicians, and it's really about a logistics business. Big manufacturers like a Johnson and Johnson or an Amgen, they sell products by the truckload. We then break those into those individual bottles, so they're in the right amount of product, at the right place, for a patient. We're in the business of helping people find solutions to their healthcare issues and problems. We're helping them find access, we're helping them achieve affordability. Our employees are working in a very exciting space. Here at AmerisourceBergen we pride ourselves on our knowledge, reach and partnership. Knowledge being the knowledge that we have in the industry, our unsurpassed knowledge as it relates to healthcare. Our reach is the fact that we are global. We reach people all around the world at all different levels and at all parts of the healthcare delivery chain. Partnership means partnering with your customers to make sure that we're efficient together. It brings a different spirit to AmerisourceBergen, and for me it's really the distinguishing factor. We strive to provide an unparalleled experience, as an applicant, as a new hire, and as a tenured employee. Our culture is one that is inclusive, it's collaborative, it's customer focused and it's really committed to each other and to the patient's lives that we improve. The day you walk into AmerisourceBergen you are a welcomed associate, part of the team. We support our associates through a variety of programs to help them maximize their professional development. All it takes is for that associate to take advantage of our learning portals, our diversity and inclusion initiatives that we have, our mentoring opportunities and also our close associate manager relationships that we have. I'm taking advantage of tuition reimbursement and advancing my career. When I first told my supervisor I wanted to study, he's helping me out with that process so I can go back to school and finish my degree. I want to run something. I want much responsibility; I know I'm ready for it. Hopefully get a job as a manager or something in the warehouse, and keep going up. Just keep growing. I want to grow and grow as much as I can. At AmerisourceBergen you can do good while doing good. We really are doing wonderful things to help with the most efficient part of healthcare, which is pharmaceutical care. We are right in the midst of that and that enables you to do a great job for patients but also you can have a wonderful career here. Improving product access. Increasing supply chain efficiency. Enhancing patient care. Join AmerisourceBergen and help us shape healthcare delivery.