Diesel Technician - Zachary

Mechanics are the backbone of the growing operations at AIM NationaLease and AIM offers exceptional opportunities for skilled and meticulous diesel technicians. Mechanics find plenty of variety and challenge servicing our large national fleet. Plus AIM provides plenty of support and training to keep our technicians at the top of the industry. Best of all, AIM offers a family-oriented, open door culture where opportunity abounds and success is celebrated.

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Video Transcript:
I was hired in as an apprentice. Hi, my name is Zachary Smith and I am a diesel technician at AIM. My responsibilities at AIM involve PMs, basic maintenance, anything a driver would come in and write up, it's our responsibility to repair it. These are heavy duty diesel mostly; you do have some medium duty and light duty trucks. We have a lot of units; different models, makes, brands of everything so you have a general education of everything that's on the road. Coming here, it was fantastic to feel welcomed and come to work every day and enjoy my job. The training is fantastic. They teach you, in depth, what you need to know to take it into the shop. Everybody's real understanding. They're all willing to put a hand out and give you a hand. The family that raised the business, you know they started from the ground up and I feel like their family values have been impressed on this company. I started from knowing nothing and now I'm a full fledged technician. I see where I started and I'm seeing where I'm finishing and I'm just excited at the opportunities. I've gained an immense amount of knowledge and experience working on the diesel trucks. AIM is a great career move for you because they provide everything you need to succeed in this business. I feel like my future here is very solid. I love the way the people are around here and I plan on staying here because I love the company.