Sales - Jeff

AIM NationaLease is an industry leader in full service truck leasing, offering unlimited opportunity across the country to competitive and dedicated sales professionals. AIM is an integral and growing part of the national infrastructure. The AIM sales team provides exceptional service and solutions to a variety of clients, the AIM national footprint is growing, and the opportunity to earn and achieve is unparalleled at AIM NationaLease.

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Video Transcript:
I head all sales activity. Our rental fleet is also under my realm, and also purchasing of the equipment that we buy. We have commercial rentals, we have full service truck leasing, we have contract maintenance, we have dedicated logistics. Hi, my name is Jeff Manion, I'm with AIM National Lease, Vice President of Sales. What's different about us is first of all the people that we have working here. It means a lot of opportunity for growth in our company because of the fact we're still growing. When I started 30 years ago we had maybe 30 employees maximum, and maybe 50 trucks that we were maintaining. Now, we have over 8,000 vehicles, close to a thousand employees and we're just growing. It's a great field to get into for any sales person. There's unlimited money to be made. We look for somebody that on their resume that's competitive: If we see that they play sports; if we see that they were on a debating team; if we see that they've been in a sales position that we know is highly competitive. When you come in for training you find out that you can call any one of the AIM sales people for advice or help. We give you all the tools. It's kind of like you're running your own business. Why is AIM a great career choice for you? First of all, we're a family-run company. Second of all, we are a solid, profitable company that you could be here 30 years from now, just like I am. You will be well compensated and you'll find out you have great benefits. It's a great opportunity for anybody that wants to make money. It's a great place to work and it's a relaxed atmosphere.It's been a great experience.