Driver - John

AIM Integrated Logistics has tremendous opportunities for safe drivers looking for a solid, growing company with a national footprint. AIM is big enough to provide the driving opportunity you're looking for, and small enough to foster a work culture of open doors and personal communication. If you're looking for work/life balance, many of our runs can get you back home to your family at night. And best of all, AIM is home to some of the best, safest and most professional drivers on the road.

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Video Transcript:
We are a trucking company, slash, leasing company. Most of the runs we have here at AIM are local runs, daily runs. You're home mostly every night. Hello, my name is John Rugarber, I'm one of the safety managers, slash, drivers here at AIM Integrated Logistics. Our mechanics, I would rank them amongst the best in the industry. I work closely with the maintenance department to make sure that things are repaired properly, repaired quickly, and get the guys back on the road so that they can make money. It's more of a family atmosphere, more of a close-knit group of people. You're able to talk to management. You're able to call upper management. They'll take your phone call if you have any questions, any problems. We're always striving to get better. I began as a driver and I'm beginning to move up and I've gotten constant support throughout the time that I've been here. If you have the motivation, we will work with you to try to get you as far as you'd like to go in this company. I can't say enough for my time in the Marine Corps. I think it's helped me tremendously in just keeping the disciplined approach to the things I do. Home time, communication, technology, those are I think some of the larger items that are favorable to us getting drivers and keeping drivers. The ability to get a job done, be treated fairly, be paid fairly, and to go home at the end of the night knowing that I did a good job. We're becoming larger day by day so the ability to have different avenues open to you as you move on in the company is huge. It's really up to your own determination as far as you want to go with what you can accomplish here at AIM.