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CareerDash is a complete online video solution for the Recruitment industry. It’s designed to target and prequalify candidates, amplify an employment brand, and boost the ROI of a recruitment team’s online strategies.

With CareerDash, clients receive a service that’s been embraced by many of the world’s top employers. MadDash leverages over 15 years of experience, a high-quality turnkey video solution and best-in-class technology.

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Sunoco Inc.
Seattle Genetics
Synopsys Inc

About Our Process

Through an in-depth conference call, clients receive pre-production consultation, best practices, a cost break-down, along with creative, compliance, and diversity guidance.

MadDash’s industry leading Production team, equipped with a high degree of BOTH production and business expertise, will deliver a professional, efficient, and highly compelling video production experience.

Our exclusive video management platform provides options for post-production online video management and optimization, including language captioning, SEO, and cross platform/cross device support.

As a complement to our Media Management Platform, we offer some of the industry’s most advanced video analytics, allowing MadDash to provide our clients with real time feedback and performance consultation.

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