We strongly suggest using our link in its entirety. If you choose to link only to specific frames, links or images within the online viewer and we upgrade features and designs you will need to rework the design and code on your end as well. By using the entire online viewer your site visitors will have the best video experience and your web designers will not have to perform additional site maintenance and redesign. If you need additional customizations to your online viewer please contact MadDash Creative directly for quick turnaround.
Step #1: Copy the entire embed code to your clipboard (Ctrl+C or Cmd+C)
Step #2: Paste the block of code into the area you wish your video to appear within your html document.
Step #3: Test your page to make sure everything works.
Step #1: Type the following code before the </HEAD> tag of your html document.
<script language="JavaScript">
function newWin()
{msgWindow=window.open("customerlink","OpenWindow","width=800,height=800,scrollbars=no"); }
Step #2: Substitute the words customerlink for the link that was sent to you i.e.
Step #3: Link your graphic or text to: javascript:newWin()

Be sure to use descriptive words for the text link like "City Hospital Nursing Career Video" instead of "click here". Take advantage of the ALT tag option for links and use a description there as well. Following these simple steps will produce better search results for your video.
Optional Icon : Request a version of the icon below in your company color for no additional charge, same day!